Here at Cathedral Chiropractic we aim to provide the highest possible standard of chiropractic care at the best value for money. This is because we strongly feel that everyone who needs chiropractic treatment should be able to access it.

Please note that as of the 1st September 2017 some of our prices will be raising slightly. We regret that we have to do this and we hope that you make full use of our loyalty card scheme that is still very generous!

Type Price
First visit*: £45
Reactivation of treatment**: £35
Follow up treatment: £30
Concessions***: £25

half hour rehab session – We love to give exercises to back up our treatment plans but have found that many patients forget them or need a little help to get them right and to progress them to the next level. A half hour session with our movement specialist Mara will help to cement the exercises in your mind and ensure that you are doing them correctly. The price is the same as for a chiropractic treatment of a half hour massage appointment – £30

Sports/Deep Tissue/Therapy Massage:

Type Price
Half hour: £30
Hour: £40

Thai Yoga Massage:

Type Price
Hour: £40
1.5 Hours: £55
2 Hours: £70

Spa Massage:

Type Price
Hour: £40
1.5 Hours: £55
2 Hours: £70

Pregnancy Massage:

Type Price
Hour: £40

Ayurvedic Massage, yoga and movement therapy :

Type Duration Price
Ayurvedic massage therapy 90 minutes £55 per session / 3 sessions for £150¹
Ayurvedic Marma massages 60 minutes £40 per session / 3 sessions for £110¹
Somatics movement therapy 90 minutes £55 per session / 3 sessions for £150¹
Yoga with ayurveda 90 minutes £55 per session / 3 sessions for £150¹
¹(All 3 sessions must be used within one calendar month.)

We have a loyalty card scheme please see the link below for terms and conditions.

We also use Refer a Friend Cards with incentives please ask at reception.

Loyalty Scheme terms and conditions  Click here

*including case history, examination, report of findings and normally first treatment

**If you have not been in to see us for more than 6 months your appointment time will need to be a little longer so that the chiropractor can reassess your condition and take notes on and examine any new symptoms. If it has been more than a year since your last appointment we will book you in for longer still and the fee will be the same as for a new patient appointment – this is because we will need to conduct a full case history and physical examination as your health and pain of complaint may have changed a lot.

***Concession rate is provided for those under the age of 18, full time students and those on benefits. Please be prepared to provide evidence of financial circumstances such as a student ID

We do have a policy to charge administrative costs for the release of records to other healthcare providers and insurance companies, typically this is £40. In some cases this charge may be payable by the patient.

We are always striving to keep our fees down please help us by giving 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to attend your appointment or need to make any changes to your appointment time.


If you have private healthcare insurance please contact reception on 01872 262988 – we are very happy to provide full receipts of all payments made so that you can make a claim.

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