Wardrobe choices for the chiropractic appointment

It really can be a bit of a minefield can’t it, I mean, what do you wear when you go to see the chiropractor?

Okay, so this is one of those first world dilemmas and these choices are not going to be world changing. However they are still choices that need to be made so here are a few tips for a hassle free chiropractic appointment.

For your very first appointment your chiropractor may want you to take your clothes off and put on a gown in order to examine posture and movement in better detail. So wearing underwear that you don’t mind a stranger seeing is a really great idea. But an even better choice, if you are uncomfortable about taking your clothes off, is to bring a strappy vest and pair of shorts – that way you’re chiropractor can see all they need to see and you can remain comfortable.

For follow up appointments you are less likely to be asked to change at every appointment (depending on what part is being treated) so the best choices for these appointments are comfortable trousers/leggings with a stretchy waste and a vest.

There are no really poor choices with regards to clothes because we can always provide gowns and really we are completely nonjudgemental when it comes to underwear. However, for you’re convenience, it may be worth avoiding large earnings, lots of heavy necklaces, tight, non stretchy jeans, tight dresses and skirts and stiletto heals (I do judge these, sorry as a chiropractor its sort of part of my job description!).

One last thing, chiropractic treatment can play absolute havoc with eye make up. If you do like to wear makeup you may wish to bring something to touch it up with after your treatment.


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