The simple tasks that cause so many problems

shaking out the bed clothes, putting on socks, checking the rear view mirror why do they hurt?

These are tasks that are completely habitual and should be simple and safe. You may be surprised at how many people sight a simple task that they do every day as the catastrophic cause of their sudden onset of severe pain!

Most episodes of sudden onset pain are not quite what they seem. While it is possible to sprain a joint or strain a muscle out of the blue when changing the bedclothes its not usually the fault of the task itself. Most injuries like this have actually been happening slowly over an extended period of time. The thing is that your body will have been giving you little warnings – a niggle here, a stiffness there – that you have pointedly ignored. Probably because you are busy and you don’t have time for silly little aches and pains. So you continue to function, sub optimally, just below the pain threshold assuming that if you ignore it it will go away.

Then one day you shake out the bed clothes – an activity that requires sudden extension of the neck and spine. Or you stand on one foot and flex your spine while twisting to put on a sock. Maybe you look over your shoulder requiring your neck to rotate quickly to check on that bike you only just noticed and BAM! you get a sudden reminder that is impossible to ignore.

Once a problem is brought to our conscious attention by coming above the pain threshold we have to do something about it; take a pill, put ice on it, call the chiropractor. As we are human we also have to come up with a story for why it hurts so much, damn those bedsheets, I knew they’d kill me one day!

Should you avoid these tasks?

No! It’s not the task that is the cause of the pain, that was simply the straw that broke the proverbial camels back. In most cases there is a simple movement error that is relatively easy to spot and correct. What you need to do is pay attention to the niggles and aches and not wait for the catastrophic event before you seek some help.

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