Avoiding Back Pain When on Holiday

Are you off on your holidays this summer?

Make sure you are sitting comfortably

88 per cent of people experience increased back or neck pain following a flight. Long car journey’s can also cause some problems for many. Here are some ways to ease, manage and possibly prevent back pain once you’ve taken to the skies or the roads:

  • Try to get up and move regularly when flying. Sitting for too long in the same position can cause stiffness and pain. This advice also applies to driving; factor into your journey time the opportunity to take regular breaks for short walks – check out areas on your route to do a quick spot of sightseeing.
  • Request an aisle seat, from the airline, so you can stand up easily, without constantly disturbing others. If you are in the car; try changing your seat position a little to give your legs more room. Don’t cram extra luggage into the footwell.
  • Do some simple stretches at the back of the plane if possible.
  • Why not try stretching in your seat; neck rolls, rolling your shoulders back and forth or raising your hands as high above your head as possible are good ideas.
  • Try to pack as light as possible – a small backpack that distributes weight evenly can also help once you’re at the destination.
  • Before your trip invest in anything that might help to decrease the pain; lumbar pillows, seat cushions and heating pads are all useful. Many people will take their regular pillow on holiday with them, if it prevents neck pain then it is probably worth the hassle.

If you’re worried about your back while flying make sure to contact the airline as they are likely to have some advice and be aware of making sure you’re comfortable when you’re on board.

Most importantly – make sure to enjoy your holiday!

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