Is Back pain during pregnancy inevitable?

One of the most common side affects of pregnancy for women across the country is back pain. 

It’s no wonder back pain is such a common complaint, as the baby is gaining more weight, your centre of gravity is lowered and your ligaments are starting to relax to prepare your body for labour. 

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There are normal biomechanical changes on a mothers body during pregnancy

Did you know… 

Gentle exercise to strengthen the core abdominal muscles can help to take some of the strain off your back and prevent acute localised pain in your lower back. 

Most women find back pain most intense when they’ve been in the same position for along time as the muscles start to become stiff. Always make sure to change your position regularly and use the appropriate support, such as a cushion when sitting or sleeping, and a lumbar role when exercising.


Posture can also be key to managing lower back pain. When you’re moving around make sure to bend from the knees and keep your back straight. Don’t forget to move your feet when turning as this can help prevent excess twisting on the spine! 

Keep these principles of good posture in mind to help relieve any stress on your spine: stand up straight and tall, hold your chest high, keep your shoulders and back relaxed and use a comfortably wide stance tokeep your upper body fully supported. 

Something to consider…

Exercising in water, such as attending aquanatal sessions, can be an effective way of exercising the muscles without out causing any injuries. This is due to the fact the buoyancy of the water can help provide you with the extra support your body will need!

Regular, gentle exercise is a great way to help prevent back pain.

Stay positive…

Although back pain is common during pregnancy, it is not inevitable. Many women do not experience any pain during pregnancy. It is important to make sure you’re getting the right exercise. Attending a class or speaking to a chiropractor is a useful way to know you’re taking care of your body in the best way possible. 

Try some gentle yoga exercises or going for a walk as a way to incorporate some exercise into your day and keeping your muscles active.  

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