Everyone is a bit wonky

As part of our assessment of you we will observe your posture and movement. This isn’t in any way with the aim of criticising you or your posture. It is purely to help us to understand the ways in which your body has adapted and coped with the stresses and strains that your life has put upon it.

The truth is that there is no such thing as perfect posture in the classic understanding of the phrase – straight back, head up. There is only posture that is adapted to be pain free and remain pain free in any given position that you find yourself in.

When a chiropractor is observing your posture they may mention that one shoulder is higher or that the pelvis is a bit tilted. What this actually means is that we are noting in our head that you have a dominant arm or maybe an old injury, or that you may need some pointers in how to engage your hips to prevent injury. Theses observations help to build the bigger picture of why you have come to see us.

Like the tree that has lived out its life on a windswept clifftop and has strong roots and tough branches as a result, your adaptations and postural changes ultimately make you stronger.

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