Zings and Zaps of the nervous system

Ever experienced a random fleeting pain in your back or shoulder? Perhaps you have felt a weird muscle twitchy thing in your upper arm or eyelid? These little zings and zaps are usually not and indicator of damage, rather they’re a reassuring reminder that your nervous system is running the required background maintenance programs.

Sometimes, if you have injured or irritated a nerve, when you move around and particularly when you are stressed or tired, you may get some more of these zings or zaps. You might cause a zing on some movements but not on others and not always on the same movement – and this is understandable a bit of a worry. Sometimes when you get a zing or zap the pain can spread too. But zings and zaps usually go within a short time. Most importantly, a zinging or zapping nerve does not mean that the nerve is damaged – its much more likely that its sensitive at a particular time or place.

Remember sensitivity is changeable so zings and zaps may occur from even minor sensitivity changes – the sort of change that will never be found on a nerve conduction test but are still very real to the person experiencing them.

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