Packages: a few things to consider

We have recently introduced Packages as a replacement offer for our old loyalty card reward system. We have done this as a way to help us to cut down on waste and also, in these pandemic times, a way to reduce contact points. We are also slowly phasing out our concession system in favour of packages – we are still treating anyone under the age of 21 for £25 per treatment but all others who currently benefit from our very generous concessions will be encouraged to move to packages in order to benefit from more affordable care. This will make the system more fair for everyone.

Packages are actually far more generous than the loyalty cards. Once purchased packages require very little extra thought from you in order to benefit from the reward.

  • Chiropractic package – 5 x treatments for £150. A minimum saving £25, but as this offer also includes new patient consultations which could save you £40!

As you can imagine such a generous offer does have a few rules.

  1. Each package needs to be used within a year of purchase, after this time it is no longer valid and any remaining funds cannot be refunded.
  2. Our strict cancellation policy remains in place; if an appointment is not attended or cancelled without giving 24 hour notice, one of the treatments will be lost from the package.
  3. The package is only valid for the person whose account it is attached to and cannot be shared between family and friends.
  4. You are welcome to buy friends and family a package as a gift.
  5. Packages are non refundable except in exceptional circumstances – if, in exceptional circumstances, a package is cancelled, then we will work out the refund according to the appointments used which will be charged at full price and refund the remainder. E.g. If someone has purchased the Chiropractic package at £150 and had a new patient consultation (£50) and 2 treatments (£35 each) then the refund will be £30 (£150 minus £120).
  6. This is a fair use offer that we are making in good faith; in our experience it is not always possible to consider every eventuality for how these offers may be used (or misused). We reserve the right to make fair alterations to these rules as we work out the wrinkles in the system.
  7. The current concession rates will be phased out by September 2021.

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