Health and Wellbeing

Time To Move!

As we continue through our third lockdown and working from home is more routine and possibly even permanent we need to start to prioritise our health and wellbeing too. Regular movement keeps us healthy and increases productivity.


An Important Balancing Act

Balance is yet another one of those functions that we take for granted. We know that, somehow, our brain and body will work in unison to keep us upright and steady. Until it doesn’t.


Zings and Zaps of the nervous system

Ever experienced a random fleeting pain in your back or shoulder? Perhaps you have felt a weird muscle twitchy thing in your upper arm or eyelid?


Weather Changes and Chronic Back Pain

Many people complain that they can detect an oncoming change in the weather by an increase in their pain


How To Beat Winter Exhaustion

The nights are still long, temperatures have plummeted and flu season is very much upon us. From shorter days with less sunlight, changes in hormones and potential nutritional deficiencies, there are so many factors that can contribute to feeling of exhaustion at this time of the year. But here are a few simple ways to put the spring back into your step!


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