Chiropractic During Pregnancy

We take special care of pregnant women and endeavour to help you to feel confident about your pregnancy.

Our aim is to work with you to achieve:

  • Good posture
  • Muscle balance and relaxation
  • Awareness of postures and exercises for birth preparation
  • Confidence and comfort

What to expect

During your visit, you will be given a chiropractic examination. Your postural and muscular tension will be assessed as well as the individual and global movement of the body, spine and neck.

We take a particular interest in the symmetry of the pelvis and lower back with regards to the positioning of the baby. We also look closely at your feet and their alignment with regards to the pelvis and symphysis pubis.


Each patient will have an individually tailored treatment programme.

The technique we use will vary on where you are in your pregnancy and the level of stability or your joints.

We may use a ‘doughnut’ pillow – with a hole in the centre – so you can lie comfortably during treatment as well as other modalities to ensure comfort.

Advice – guidance – support

During your treatment programme you will receive advice on posture, exercises and how to prepare physically for the birth process and after. We work closely with our other therapists in the clinic and healthcare practitioners locally.

Massage in Pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy is a very delicate issue. Many people say that it should be avoided, but this is not totally true. Special skills are required dealing with a pregnant woman, but massage is still possible and extremely beneficial.

First, the most important thing is that you should be comfortable. It is not possible to lie on your stomach, and often, especially in the later stages, lying on your back is also difficult. Therefore all Thai Yoga Massage techniques for pregnant women are done lying on your side.

Second, the pressure used should be minimal, not just on areas near the abdomen, but everywhere. This is because the pressing releases toxins from the muscles. In a non pregnant person this is what you want. Releasing the toxins flushes them from the system. However, this process involves the toxins entering the blood stream initially and this has to be avoided in pregnancy.

Finally stretches have to be modified to suit, especially as the baby becomes bigger. For example, many people suffer from sciatica, but a pregnancy sciatica is very different and requires different help.

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