Need a chat about your back?

Not sure if chiropractic is for you? We suggest that you book a short 10 minute telephone chat with one of our chiropractors. This call is free and will give you the chance to work out if a full consultation would be helpful.

During the height of the pandemic we introduced tele health consultations. We have now mainly phased these out in favour in face to face consultation which are a lot more in keeping with the hands on way that we treat our patients. However if you would prefer a more in-depth consultation prior to an in person appointment than we are very happy to set up a video consultation for you. There is a £15 fee for these appointments.

“Well-designed telehealth schemes can improve health care access and outcomes, particularly for chronic disease treatment and for vulnerable groups. Not only do they reduce demands on crowded facilities, but they also create cost savings and make the health sector more resilient.” (WHO) [accessed 15/03/20]

You can easily reach us by contacting us through email or phone.

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