Chiropractic: Face to face and telehealth (reduced fee) appointments available.

Here at Cathedral Chiropractic we aim to provide the highest possible standard of chiropractic care. We are proud of our 100% positive satisfaction feedback and we aim to keep it that way.

Type Price
First visit*: £50
Reactivation of treatment**: £40
Follow up treatment: £35
Age 21 and under treatment:*** £25

If you think you may be entitled to a concession please chat to your chiropractor.

Sports/Deep Tissue/Therapy Massage:

Type Price
Half hour: £30
Hour: £45

Spa Massage: Currently unavailable

Type Price
Hour: £45
1.5 Hours: £55
2 Hours: £70

Pregnancy Massage: Currently unavailable

Type Price
Hour: £45

Packages are available offering considerable discounts on care

£150 for 5 chiropractic appointments – including new patient or reactivation appointment if these are required

£130 for 5 half hour massage appointments

£200 for 5 1 hour massage appointments

Please call reception on 01872 262988 to set up a package – you can then book and change appointments online if you like.

Remember that we have a strict cancellation policy and all appointments need to be changed or cancelled at least 24 hours before the appointment time.

*including case history, examination, report of findings and normally first treatment. If it has been more than 2 years since your last appointment at Cathedral Chiropractic you will need to book a new patient consultation.

**If you have not been in to see us for more than 12 months your appointment time will need to be a little longer so that the chiropractor can reassess your condition and take notes on and examine any new symptoms. This appointment is also useful if you are attending clinic with a new complaint in an area that has not previously been examined or treated by us.

*** In the interests of fairness and transparency we are phasing out concessions for everyone but the under 21s at the beginning of September 2021. If you are currently on a concessionary rate we encourage you to look at our package deals for considerable savings on ongoing care.

If you have private healthcare insurance please contact reception on 01872 262988 – we are very happy to provide full receipts of all payments made so that you can make a claim.

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