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Introducing Telehealth!

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We are now open 5 days a week but on reduced hours.

Temporary opening hours:

  • Monday 11am till 7pm
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We are also open in St Ives on Monday morning and Thursday Afternoon

Please take note of our new Covid 19 Policies and procedures.

Why Book Telehealth?

We have been using telehealth successfully over the lockdown period when we have been unable to conduct face to face appointments so much so that it has now become part of our procedures – all new and reactivating patients will need a telehealth appointment first in order to reduce time spent in clinic. Having a video consultation is a safe and effective way to take a full case history and conduct an observed physical exam of posture and movements. Following which we can tell if further investigations are needed and give advice, make a referral or invite you in to clinic for treatment. This is a great option for you if you are shielding or in the vulnerable group. We can monitor remotely how you are progressing with the exercises and even progress or change the exercises as you improve.

I thought chiropractic was all about the hands on stuff, how can you do that over the internet?

We can’t. But chiropractic isn’t only about hands on treatment we also spend a lot of time understanding our patients; why they have the problem and how they feel about it. A large part of any treatment plan is reassurance, education and strategy’s with home exercises.

Don’t you need a webcam?

Not really, we can conduct the appointment using your smartphone, tablet or laptop as well as on a PC with a super duper webcam.

How do I pay?

If you book online you will be asked to pay as you book. If you book over the phone we will simply send you an invoice.

Closed Weekends and bank holidays.

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